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Style . Life . Soul by LellaVictoria is a reflection of where my evolving journey over the last few years has taken me. My blog LellaVictoria was originally started through my love of creating outfits and this will undoubtedly continue to be a core part of this blog as my love personal style and fashion has not lessoned. Though this aspect of my life still continues to be very much a part of what inspires me each and every day I have also found a strong connection to spirituality which I know is a word that means something different to everyone. To me it relates to my way of life, which includes an interest in working with crystals, my connection to Angels, working and learning about tarot cards and understanding what it means to be an empath/light worker.


Besides my style and spiritual way of life I am also noticing a growing interest in creating a beautiful home environment, which has led me down a path of a growing interest and admiration in interior design. This is another aspect I would like to bring to this space.


In the last few years I have made the conscious decision to make small, practical and mindful changes to my diet, changes I believe to be healthy for me and suited to my lifestyle. After dealing with M.E (Epstein – Barr virus) for twenty years and on a path of healing in mental, spiritual and emotional ways and looking for ways to better my physical health, I came across the book Medical Medium by Antony Williams and though I am still learning and adapting at my own pace, I would like to use this blog as a way to share what has helped me on my journey to healing so far to anyone who is open to listening/reading.


With all this in mind I ask myself what do I want to achieve here and what can you expect to see on Style . Life . Soul By LellaVictoria?! Well, my goal is to bring together and harmonise not just one but all of my interests and hopefully convey it in a way that will enlighten, strengthen and just generally have a positive effect on whoever is visiting this blog. I hope to modernise the outdated perception that everyone is defined by one thing. Just because I believe in angels and healing powers of crystals doesn’t mean that you aren’t just as likely to catch me picking up a copy of Vogue and lusting after clothes on Net a Porter. We are all made up of beautiful contradictions, that I believe needs to be celebrated. Whether its style, interior, crystals, symbolism, horoscopes, my family, food & health, here will be a place where I am no longer fearful about being judged for sharing and discussing my interests but instead a documentation of my


What I love most about the concept and future of this blog is that you don’t have to like or commit yourself to every one of my posts. If you look just below the header of Style Life Soul by Lellavictoria, you’ll see all my categories and you can simply select what appeals to you and your taste. I don’t mind if you’re just here for the outfits or simply couldn’t care a less about what i’m wearing and you are here to knowledge up on your crystals. You can make this experience exactly what you want it to be. I just want to put out there some of me and I am going to put as much as I can into making this a more developed version of what already existed.


Sending you so much love and light. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy this space.

Daniella  x

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