Let me introduce myself, my name is Daniella and I feel I should start by explaining my blog title LellaVictoria. The first part Lella is my younger sister’s nickname for me and Victoria is my second name.

I started blogging back in late 2012 with my own LellaVictoria Blog and then moved to Creators of Desire in 2013. Blogging came about after a couple years of taking photos of my daily outfits, which I would later start sharing on Lookbook and then after doing that for a while I decided that I wanted to create a space that was more personal, where I could share not only my own personal style but what inspired my style too.

For me, my blog, has and continues to be more then just a hobby, it’s given me a sense of purpose, something I felt I lacked after living with the illness M.E since the age of eleven. My blog gives me escapism, whilst also allowing me to speak openly about real issues in my life from time to time.

And yes my interests do extend further then Style and Fashion! So here is some more insight in to what i’m about. Above anything and everything, i’m a real family girl, my life is my  Boyfriend Conan (the guy who takes most of my photos) and my family. My mum, my younger sister, my two nephews, my boyfriend, our doggy and I all live under one big roof and yes that means it does get crazy at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am into all things Spiritual, I am fascinated with Crystals and have a small addiction to pretty smelling candles. I enjoy looking at old architecture unique interior spaces and dream of having my own secret garden one day, full of white & pink roses and willow trees.

Now I am back to blogging on my own site again and as much as I enjoyed my time at Creators of Desire,  I am so happy and excited for this new chapter and the growth it will bring! Ah, there is so much I want share with you but I have already rambled on maybe a little too much, another thing you’ll know about me, i’m a rambler! I know above all Lellavictoria is a personal style blog and maybe I should focus on talking about only that but I wanted you to know a little more about me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my outfits and other style musings.



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