A Grey Jacket For A Grey Day

Hey lovelies, here is a casual look I wore earlier in the month. It was one of those days where the weather was changing constantly, One minute rain, then sun, then grey and then back to rain again! I didn’t even know if I ‘d be taking photos of this look, I don’t particularly like to take outfit photos when it’s gloomy but sometimes it can work and it can look rather atmospheric and well, I live in a country where it is far from sunny all the time and so I have to roll with it and make it work. The grey wool shirt/jacket I am wearing was purchased in the Arket sale back along and it was actually the navy version I originally wanted but sadly it sold quicker then I had anticipated and I missed out on it! But when I took a closer look at the grey one, it unexpectedly grew on me and so I went for it and I was really happy I did. The grey overshirt has been a surprisingly chic addition to my autumn wardrobe, it has reminded me the understated power of grey. A combination I usually wear in one for or another is denim, tall boots and balanced out with something oversized on top, whether that be a jacket, a knit or coat. It’s a tried and tested combination, certainly nothing groundbreaking but nevertheless a look that I always feel good and is a great failsafe.

I hope you like this look!

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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