The Outfit Combination I Can’t Stop Wearing This Autumn

Happy Tuesday lovelies, it seems that this Fall I have very much been into dresses and knitwear. This look is kind of a reworked version of this outfit Here and here and it would appear that an outfit consisting of an almost maxi printed dress paired with my go-to knitted cardigan of the season and my brown long boots is a tried and tested combination i can’t stop wearing! I suppose I do like this somewhat romantic take on countryside style and it works especially well in these heartwarming colour tones. The green headband I am wearing is actually my daughters but it really is such a wonderful colour of green and the velvety texture is simply too charming to resist and compliments the green colours within the print of the dress wonderfully so.

You might have noticed if you have followed my style long enough that when it comes to accessories, I tend to lean towards keeping it minimal. I wasn’t always like this and I don’t know if i’ll always be this way but for the last few years, I do keep very simple but I do have my go-to favourites, like my gold hoop earrings, my small signet ring, a fedora hat is always welcomed on my head, often i’ll have a few crystal bracelets, if i’m wearing a necklace, it’s usually just a small pendant and in the last few years I have become very fond of the headband. I don’t have a huge collection, in fact I often struggle to find one that I like at a what I consider to be a fair price but the ones I do have, I wear repeatedly. When I think about it my love for headbands goes back to when I was a little girl and for years I would wear them almost religiously and I had a more impressive collection then I do now! I would love to find the same headband I am wearing now only in red/burgundy but I am struggling to find one. Hopefully one will appear and fingers crossed just in time for the festive season.

I hope you like today’s outfit.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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