Creating An Autumnal Shelf

Hey lovelies, I hope this post finds you well. Just a few snaps that show some of the small yet thoughtful details of our kitchen shelf. For the last few years I had been looking for some autumnal mugs and by a happy accident I came across these pumpkin mugs by Anthropologie, one in white and one in a mossy green with botanical printing (they come separately, not as a set) and as soon as I spotted them, I impulsively made the order. They are a little odd to drink out of but they sure do look sweet perched on the shelf. Almost every autumn I will buy a big old autumn candle with a warming scent usually from Tkmaxx, I light it every morning when I make my morning tea, thenI head back to bed to drink my tea and then when I return to the main room, the space is filled with the delicate scent of Fall. It’s a small tradition that I started a few years ago and for me, it’s such a lovely yet simple delight that helps start my day off right. I also just want to touch on the ceramic leaves that I bought via The White Company earlier on in the season, they add such lovely little touches to pieces within our home, I add them to candle sticks, vases and whatever I can lay my hands on really! But I also think they would look great as tree decorations once December arrives.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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