Autumn’s Golden Glow

It was one of those glorious early Fall evenings, the kind of evening beautiful evening that makes you wonder just how many of these will there be left of 2022! The warm glow of the sun hitting the straw like fields with the blue skies surrounding them, it was nothing short of idyllic. I have been on what I consider to be almost bedrest right now and have been for almost a week due to some unforeseen health issues, i’m just hoping that they’ll still be some autumn left for me once I recover and move on from this chapter of my life. Thankfully I managed to shoot some early Fall looks that should see me through the next few post that are coming up here on Today’s look kinda encapsulates everything I love about the early autumn days, flirty skirt/dresses, cosy knitwear and boots and of course the fedora always adds a touch of countryside warmth.

I hope you like today’s look.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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