Life Updates and Easy Autumn Style

Hey lovelies, I hope you have been keeping well. I have been getting into the swing of autumn recently, adding autumn touches to our home and after a couple of years of searching, I finally found so autumn-pretty mugs. I have also spent the week slowly making our patio step a little more autumnal, something I take great joy in every October. These things have been helping to uplift my mood, as I have felt a little low in recent weeks. Something that is not so charming is we have had hand, foot and mouth spreading through our family, my daughter seems to be coming down with it and I am rather worried, as she is non commutative and hates the site of anything new on her skin, for example if she has a spot or a scrape from falling down, she instantly wants it gone and can cause her distress to the point of a meltdown and so I am feeling a little anxious to the days that lay ahead of us. I just hope and pray that she will recover well and quickly and in the meantime, fingers crossed I don’t become ill with it too.

Well, that’s a little update on my life recently and let’s move onto today’s outfit. Just a simple look but with good quality pieces and a piece I believe is making its debut here on is this beautiful cardigan, which was one of my first autumn buys. It was a bit pricey but knitwear is always a good investment when comes to our wardrobes. Though I absolutely love the warm cinnamon colour and the slouchy fit, there are couple of details that I feel they have been a little stingy on and so that for me, makes me feel a little frustrated especially given the price point. This outfit is definitely one of simplicity and ease, nothing to inspiring but I love autumn outfits like this, good denim and soft knitwear is always a winner for me. Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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