House & Home: My Patio Project

Happy Friday lovelies, through the spring and early summer I had a little project which was working on our patio. It’s quite a small space but nevertheless a space I wanted to focus on and make a little more inviting as and where I could. I didn’t have a set budget but I knew it had to be cost friendly. The main thing was removing the big table we originally had and finding a petite one and I had my eyes set on the bistro style. I added some white linen seat pads too, as I liked the black/white contrast. My partner jet washed the patio which did it the world of good and it really was surprising how much brighter it looked. I couldn’t decide between olive or bay trees but ultimately landed on the bay. I am not a fan or red coloured stone that our home has on the exterior, I find it to be very intrusive and overpowering but I can’t do much about that and so for now I just have to deal with it and focus on being grateful that I have a place to call home. I think whether it’s inside the home or out in the garden/patio, rarely is it complete, there are always new additions to be made and especially as ones taste and inspirations develop. But for now I have enjoyed creating this small yet enjoyable outside space and though I wish I could have posted this sooner, as it’s definitely more reflective of the summer time, I am still happy to be sharing these photos with you here on Lellavictoria. Tomorrow I am hoping to get to the garden nursery to pick my autumn flowers and hopefully I will get to share those with you sooner rather than later.

Sending you love and light for the weekend ahead,

Daniella x

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