Outfit Styling With Volume and Colour

Happy Friday lovelies. Crisp cottons are a must throughout the summer months and in this look I doubled up on them with this white mid-length skirt that I’ve had for a couple of years and though it’s a basic style and very simple in its design, I’ve found it to be a very compatible piece. It’s relatively voluminous and so that’s the theme I followed when styling this look, with an oversized shirt, I opted for my green one by Frankie shop and paired it with an orange tee, just because I felt this colour combination bought a more unexpected notion to the outfit. With a voluminous a look that also has pops of colour, I like to try and keep a sense of balance to prevent it feeling like visual overload. I do this by keeping the pieces I select simple, for instance even though, the shirt is oversized, the skirt is full, the top is bright and the bag is large, the flip side to this is that they are all plain, free of any heady prints and follow clean lines. I hope you like today’s outfit.

Sending you love and light for the weekend,

Daniella x

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