Renovations Reveal: Our Little Girls Room

Today I am sharing a post that is quite close to my heart, the photos above are of our daughters bedroom. A project my partner and I have been on working on for over a year now and finally it is complete, well, apart from a couple of small details. We had to do two room renovations before we could do her room but it was worth it and I feel proud of the room we have been able to create and give to her. I remember when I was pregnant with Novarose, I was quite sad because we weren’t in a position financially to give her a nursery/bedroom, it was something that I felt guilty about. As it turned out, she didn’t want to leave my side when she was a baby and I didn’t want her too either and so even if were able to have provided her with her own room from the beginning, I don’t think she would have spent any time in there and so I think everything transpired just as it was supposed to.

When we first started, I didn’t exactly know how I wanted to decorate it but I knew that I wanted to create a space that was classic but with a contemporary edge and a room that felt girly, magical and inviting. As I began selecting pieces for her room, it became clear that I wanted to give Novarose a gentle room that evokes softness, a room filled with intriguing details that would hopefully spark her imagination but not too overwhelming that it would keep her from calming down and feeling rexed enough to drift of into her slumber because having her feel safe and calm at all times is imperative to us as her parents but especially so when it comes to her bedtime, a child should never go to sleep crying and feeling alone. I saved a lot of pieces that I had when I was a little girl and so I have dotted those around her room too. My sister has also kindly lent her fairy collection, which Novarose looks at on the daily. Though I absolutely love the room, which of course brings me happiness, the real happiness comes from that she seems to really love the room and spends a lot of her day in there. Nova can take a little while in adjusting to new things which could be because she might have ASD but whatever is the cause of this, it means that something like a new room could cause her distress but thankfully she seemed to settle into so well which was a pleasant surprise to us both, a surprise we were so grateful for.

I hope you enjoy these photos of our little girls bedroom.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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