Pre-Fall Neutrals

Happy Friday lovelies, before we head into the weekend I just wanted to share this look with you. When we shot these photos, to begin with the lighting was perfect but then just as we were snapping away, it began to get a little busy and so we took a break, I am still painfully shy about the attention taking photos in a small village can sometimes bring, not necessarily bad or verbal attention, I can just feel people staring and it makes anxious, I wish I could overcome that but it is what it is. So yeah by the time we got back to taking the photos it had become significantly darker, but the way lighting was hitting my outfit was pretty awesome, it was making it almost like a blackout behind me and so thankfully we were able to make it work! This cream denim skirt that i’m styling in today’s post is one I have owned for a few years but found that I didn’t really wear it too much, the length was always a bit awkward and so this year I decided to cut it and make it into more or midi style. I much prefer this way and it was instantly more wearable and much easier to style. Though I wore this in the height of summer I save publishing it until now because I felt it had a great pre-fall vibe to it. I always like more neutrals in the lead up to Autumn, i’m the same way in the lead up to Spring, as I find neutrals work perfectly for the inbetween stages of seasons. You may have also noticed the bag and this is the same bag as the one I shared with you here on Lellavictoria back along (see Here) only this is the black version. I did wonder whether it would take the joy out of the bag, having two of the same with the colour being the only variation but I absolutely love both equally and in fact, I think that having two keeps me from become bored of them.

I hope you like today’s look. Sending you love and light for the weekend ahead,

Daniella x

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