A Style Combo I Always Come Back To

Happy wednesday lovelies, just a quick post for you today featuring a combination I have been wearing for years, an absolute fail-safe, that I am sure most women would agree with and that’s the timeless pairing of a light blouse paired with jeans and sandals. The style of blouse and denim might have changed over the years but the basic foundations have remained the same and the reliability of a blouse, denim and sandals combo is simply undeniable and has the familiarity and comfort of coming home, sartorially speaking. Maybe it’s the contrast of the soft and feminine blouse paired with rugged appeal of denim that makes it so appealing and reliable, I couldn’t say for certain but theres no doubt, that I always come back to this style combo.

The jeans I am wearing were a pair I bought back in the spring and it took me ages to make the right decision on the colour and size. I wanted them oversized and so I decided to size up, anyway I finally settled on them and I was really very excited for them and when they came and I tried them on, they were exactly what I was hoping they would be, apart from being too long and so I decided to have them altered. Anyway long story short, the tailor completely ruined them and so me and mum decided the only solution would be to cut them and have raw hem. It wasn’t exactly thely the look I was going for and I was undoubtedly gutted because they cost a lot of money for me but I made the best of it anyway, though eventually I did end up re-buying them.

Well, I hope you like this look, sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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