Summers Lovely Linens

Hey lovelies, I had hoped to get this post out to you on Friday but that just didn’t seem to happen and so here it is now. I have been loving this knitted tank top by Olive this summer, this fitted style is a nice alternative to my more oversized fits and I also love it’s yellow/green colour especially as I don’t really have anything else in this colour. I styled it with white linens, I have loved white linens ever since my teens, I used to have a few different pairs that I would funnily enough, wear with tank tops, just the plain ones they used to sell in Topshop. I’m still heartbroken that Topshop has gone and no, the version available on Asos doesn’t count! I bought these linen trousers of the home section in Zara, I think they may have been intended for pyjama bottoms but I decided to put them into my daywear rotation instead.

I wore this outfit on a day out with my nephews, since becoming a mum I have found the adjustment from not having as much time with my nephews quite hard. I used to spend hours with them every single day, playing games with them, catching them in games of tag and pretending I couldn’t find them when we would play hide and seek. I thought by now, with Novarose being three and half that I would have more of that back with my boys but with Nova’s learning difficulties, having verbal and physical commutation problems and potentially having asd, she needs much more of my time attention then I could have predicted. That said, I now try and focus on giving my nephews quality time, taking them for afternoons out as and when I can afford to do so and making sure I still endeavour to make those special memories with them.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful week.
Sending you love and light,
Daniella x

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