A Happy Place

Here for a midweek post. Though nothing too outstanding, our town’s park is such a happy place for me, I always enjoy going there and especially taking Nova-Rose or my nephews. I particularly like going there in these later afternoon/early evening time, in fact I like that time of the day for visiting most places, there’s something about going later on after all the busyness of the day just before the sun settles, it feels calmer at this time and and especially in the summer months and even the beginning of autumn.

This is not only a time of the day I enjoy but we also find it works a little better for our daughter, she has trouble regulating her emotions and being non verbal with almost no form of communication, when its really busy, it can be a little over stimulating for her and not to mention a little overwhelming for us. Novarose really loves visiting the duck pond at the park, the big victorian water fountain and running towards the pigeons and watching them all fly away. Seeing her delight and seeing her communicate with animals and nature in her own way, full of confidence and wonder just fills my heart with joy. I pray she will always find a way to immerse herself and connect her soul with the miracle that is nature.

Todays look featured a green knit from Olive and a navy skirt from Arket, a skirt that reminds me of a lot of skirt styles I used to wear, only then i’d tuck the top in and clinch my waist tightly with a belt, usually skinny tanned or studded belt. The green top was a nice pop of colour to lift the more refined navy, black and brown.

Sending you love and light, Daniella x

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