My Way Of Styling Tube Tops and Denim

Happy Monday lovelies, here is a look I wore a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to share with you today. I haven’t worn a tube top since I was eighteen years old and I haven’t worn low rise jeans since I was in my early twenties and so now that i’m in my thirties, it was quite surprising to myself, that out of nowhere I wanted to combine both a cropped tube top with a pair of low rise denim! I love a higher waist on a pair of jeans but it’s no secret within the world of fashion that low rise jeans have begun seeping through the cracks and I didn’t think i’d fall for them again, I thought that was a love affair that was well and truly behind me but it seems that their allure is calling me back for a no strings attached fling. Talking of strings, there is one thing I could probably safely say that is well and truly over, and that is, the days of the G-String! I cringe to think of those days where a g-string would sit high above my low rise jeans, nope that definitely is not a trend i’ll be re-viseting.

I’ve said before that my style isn’t driven by trends, it’s driven by what i’m drawn to, what excites me, what I feel confident and comfortable in, it’s classic pieces that i’ve tried and tested that I know I feel good in. But sometimes that does mean integrating current trends into my existing style because trends of fashion incorporated with personal style/taste is what keeps my wardrobe feel fun yet authentic. It’s not every trend, as that would be exhausting, just the ones I can envision myself wearing and the ones I find myself continually gravitating towards. When styling something that’s a little less timeless and a little more trend aware, I now try and ground these pieces by keeping it a little more simplistic and making them feel a little more classic in my own way and that’s why I like the tube top being black because black has a more minimal feel and talking of minimal that’s how I kept the rest of the outfit. I chose not to over accessorise but where I did accessorise I just injected a small amount of colour with my jewelry and then my bag was just a simple tanned tote.

Whether or not you like bandeau tops, or low rise jeans, I hope you are able to find aspects of this look that you like. Sending you love and light for the this new week,

Daniella x

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