Patio Blooms Of Blue

Happy Friday lovelies, one of the spaces i’ve been working on this spring/summer has been our patio area and though this isn’t really a post about my patio, I did want to do some photos of an outfit I liked in a place that I enjoy spending my time, or I should say, our time because I usually have Novarose out on the patio with me too. For each new season I enjoy decorating the patio steps with seasonal blooms and hydrangeas have for the last few years been my go-to for the late spring/early summer, they are an absolute favourite of mine and this summer I chose these beautiful violet blue ones, they were so vibrant with colour! I complimented them with some bursts of lobelia that I dotted around in different areas of the patio. Though the hydrangeas flowers have now perished, I’m hoping I can continue to care for them with the hopes they will bloom again next spring/summer, any tips are welcome with gratitude.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and a happy weekend,

Daniella x

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