Stripes By The Sea; Memories From Durdle Door

Happy Tuesday lovelies, I hope everyone had a great weekend and has had a good start to their week! It was a bit of a marathon to go through and get these photos edited but it was worth every minute spent doing them because they are from a day that is so special and close to my heart but that’s because it was spent with my family and probably any day spent together with my loved ones is close to my heart. Durdle door which is on the jurassic coast is a beach that my partner and I only visited for the first time back in January of this year and for me, it was magical and exceeded my expectations which were admittedly quite high because I had wanted to visit durdle door for quite some time, so needless to say that my desire to return was quite apparent. To finish of my birthday weekend back in July, we took a trip there with my mum, sister, nephews and of course our little girl.

Though my sister had already been there before, it was exciting to have them all there and share this beach with my mum, nephews and daughter who hadn’t yet seen it. Unfortunately my eldest nephew got very anxious and overwhelmed by the height of the steps you have to walk down as well as the amount of people who were there but thankfully and eventually he did make it down the steps to the beach. Durdle door is one of those beaches that I want to keep going back to but I am also aware that I don’t want to over indulge and kill the magic by going there too often. As well as this being one of my favourite trips this summer, this is also one of my favourite summer outfits. It features the brightly coloured, striped shirt that I bought from Mango earlier in the year and also these epic crinkle trousers that are by Faithful the brand. The trousers hang beautifully and I love wearing them, I am hoping to find ways to wear them even once the autumn has arrived because they will be a hard piece to put into storage, I think I shall actually miss them.

Anyway, I think I will leave there and wish you a wonderful week full of of love and light, Daniella x

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