The Investment Piece

Hey lovelies, today I wanted to zoom in on a piece that has become an absolute favourite of mine and you may have already noticed it popping up in my more recent outfit posts. Last year I had my eyes on this beautiful bag by Little Liffner because I was looking to invest in a good quality bag, a bag that is classic, understated, a bag that goes with almost everything and a bag that is easy to reach in and out of rather effortlessly. This one appeared to be by number one choice but I wasn’t a hundred percent sure on it and decided to think it over a little while longer before I actually made the investment. Anyway, last year I ended up not buying it but the thing was I really felt like all of my looks were missing a bag like this and as much I love using my black structured bag, it really isn’t the most practical and especially when Novarose is with me. So, I finally made the decision to get the bag and needless to say I have zero regrets and have been using it relentlessly! After I received this bag, I instantly knew I would have to get the other colours too. It comes in a black and cream also and thankfully I can already tick the black one off my list because I was surprised with it for my birthday (back in July) and it’s just as gorgeous as the brown. Anyway I am really loving this investment piece and that’s why I thought I would give it it’s own blogpost.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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