A New Way To Style Last Year’s Linens and Florals

Happy Monday lovelies, I hope you had a good weekend. For the most part we enjoyed the sun close to home, as after being away at the beginning of the week, it was nice to spend our time surrounded by our comforts of home. As you can probably tell, these photos were taken on a beautiful summer evening, the kind of evening where the sun illuminates the long golden grass and creates the warmest of glows. As much as I love wearing and styling my new pieces that I buy throughout the seasons, I also really enjoy pulling items from previous years and creating looks that I hadn’t previously thought of. Like for instance, what I’m wearing in today’s outfit post, everything I am wearing are pieces that I bought last year ( with the exception of the bag) and though I had these items last year, the idea of pairing these pieces only came to me this year, thus making these older styles feel new once again. The soft, feminine florals paired with the cool and light linen felt like complimentary combination of summer classics styled in a somewhat contemporary way.

I know white overalls have a painter and decorator vibe but I love them and I get a lot of continual wear from them and though I was worried they’d be a bit of a novelty purchase when I ordered them last year, I can honestly say I continually find new ways to wear them and I always enjoy wearing these linen overalls and it’s made me think about finally purchasing some denim dungarees, something I have thought about for years but not yet committed to. I think for the end of summer and also the following season a denim pair would be a great investment buy.

Well, let me know your thoughts on today’s outfit and thank you for stopping by.

Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x

If you’re interested in seeing how I styled these overalls last year, then check out these posts Here and Here x

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