Summer Evenings Playing Tag and Skipping Stones

It’s been a minute I know but first my daughter was unwell with a pretty heavy germ. There was a lot of up and down days but she is now back to her awesome, wacky self. After she started to get better, I then unfortunately caught it and then I became unwell for a few days and then after that, we were on a family holiday that had no WiFi and so as you can imagine its not been easy getting maintaining my posts, I desperately need a laptop, so I can do do it from my bedside in times like these.

Moving on and like anytime I am posting a family oriented post, I am always so so happy to be sharing these photos with you. At the beginning of summer we made a somewhat spontaneous trip to a nearby lake and it was one of the first proper evenings of summer. The air was thick and sticky, the sun warm and hazy, there were clusters of midges and all the various grasses were long and overgrown. We played tag with the kids, we skipped stones, well I didn’t because i’m horrifically useless at it but I enjoyed watching everyone else.

Eventually the kids began to miss their screens lol and the evening came to an end but before we went, I of course stopped to take some outfit photos. This included a pair of white trousers that are yonkers old which i paired with some new buys, the orange t-shirt, a perfect injection of bold colour and the black slightly platform sandals and of course my favourite buy of the spring/summer, my Little Liffener bag. Whenever we have moments like these, moments where memories are born, I always get a little sad when they’re over but then I try and remind myself that there are plenty of days left of summer to create more memories but that said, we are already in August!

Time really does go in a blink of an eye and we can’t afford to schedule in the perfect time to do something, we can’t always worry if its a week night and the kids falling asleep in the car because I honestly feel that the real magic and the unforgettable memories are made when we change things up, plan a little less, be in the moment a little more, let go of we expect it to be and make peace with what is. I hope you have liked today’s post.

Sending you lots love and light,

Daniella x

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