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Russel & Bromley Sandals – HERE

Happy Friday lovelies, I am determined to get this post live today! Here is a look with another one of my favourite purchases from this year, this green oversized shirt via The Frankie Shop. I’ve been wearing this piece a lot and have so many ways to style and wear it. As far as oversized shirt’s go, this one has been the best styles I have tried thus far, I also have it in pink too and I would love to get one in a crisp white. A lot of people when wearing an oversized item, like to balance out the excess material with a more fitted style, which does create a very flattering look and is the safest ways to approach wearing oversized style. But, that said I am big fan of mimicking the oversized shape and picking pieces that maximise the oversized look to its full potential. This isn’t a silhouette that appeals to everyone but I do like that, “I have no clothes, so I had to borrow everything from my boyfriend/brother/or dad” look! Another style I have been non stop wearing are these baggy jeans (last worn HERE) they have been such a great spring/summer staple for me and have been at the foundations of a lot of my looks over these last few months.

I hope you like today’s look. Wishing you a wonderful Friday.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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