Smiles, Little Sandy Feet and Family Time

Happy Wednesday lovelies! Here are some photos from a relatively recent trip to minehead beach with our little family. It was almost cut short due to our little girl getting her shoes drenched within the first fifteen minutes of being there (she’s an absolute whirlwind) and though I had bought backup clothes, the shoes I had not but then again I didn’t plan on her dad basically letting her run into the ocean with her shoes on! I can laugh about it now. Of course I wouldn’t normally mind her being without shoes at the beach but this was a cold spring day and so I was worried her feet would turn purple. But thankfully we stuck it out and due to her non stop, running around everywhere, there was absolutely no chance of her getting cold anything! So we made the best of it and of course ended up having a lovely time and found a quiet part of the beach that we had almost entirely to ourselves. We bought Nova-Rose a bucket and spade and to our surprise she actually watched us using the spade and copied us! With Nova’s learning difficulties and a lack of communication, simple things like this, that most children would do, isn’t the case with Nova-Rose and so we always get quite excited when these achievements are made because what seems small to most parents is rather quite huge to us. I hope you are all having a lovely week.

Sending you all love and light,

Daniella x

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