Years Of Shopping and Here’s Some Tips I’ve Learnt Along The Way

Hey lovelies, here is a look from a warm spring day a few backs. The blazer is old, the trousers are from last year and the knitted jumper is a sale purchase from earlier in the year. All the summer sales are all pretty much in full swing and I tried to shop the Zara sale the other night and get some pieces for Nova-Rose, I had about 30 items saved (wasn’t going actually to buy that many ) and I finally sat down half an hour after the sale went live and almost every item was already sold out! I’m not a big sale shopper but I do always try and get myself a few bargains, mainly with the pieces I had planned on buying at full price, I find that this ensures I don’t get caught up in the allure of all the discounts.

When I think about how long i’ve been buying clothes now, I think I was six years old when I asked my mum to go on my first shopping trip, it was for my seventh birthday and she asked what I wanted to do and I responded with wanting to go on shopping spree with her. We did just that and it became a bit of a birthday tradition, which undoubtedly had a big influence in my love for clothes, style, fashion, creating outfits and ultimately lead me down the path of blogging my looks. Because I grew up with relatively wealthy parents and my mum and I would take frequent shopping trips (mostly high street shops) the way I shopped was quite often “in the moment” meaning when we were in the shop, pieces that took our eye, we bought and there wasn’t much thought to it. When I was about eighteen/nineteen years old (so over ten years ago) I realised I was throwing a lot of clothes out because I no longer liked them or they were “out of fashion” and I wanted to change this.

My taste in clothes was also changing, I was beginning to look and learn about high fashion, design houses and I was spending more and more time looking on high end sites and finding an aesthetic that didn’t seem to exist in my wardrobe, an aesthetic that was more refined, classic and made with a little more quality and care and so with this, over the next few years, my approach to shopping began to change. I sold old designer jeans that never quite fitted me the way I wanted them to and saved my money to put towards pieces that I had hoped would not end up in bin liners a year or two later and though it was a learning process, I can safely say that a lot of those pieces remain in my existing wardrobe (yes i’ve been a thoughtful shopper for years, way before it became trendy”)! I know we are talking about shopping here, a luxury that should be fun and whilst it should absolutely be fun and a little frivolousness bit at the same time we must be thoughtful.

For anyone looking for some tips on how to become a better shopper and in turn build a more viable and longer lasting wardrobe.

So here are some tips that I have found helpful along the way.

1. If you’re wanting to start from scratch and re-boot your wardrobe once and for all, then go through your wardrobe and release the clothes that you are no longer passionate about. Donate them and re-sell the items you think you might make a little money back.

2. When building a wardrobe that consists of pieces that will serve you season after season, then of course we need to start with basics. Think button shirts, basic t-shirts, jeans of various style, blazers, stripe tops, a good pair of sneakers, ankle boots and so on. If you can afford higher quality items, it will pay off in cost per wear, if not then shop around, there are plenty of high street stores doing better quality basics. You may have to top them up a little more often but that’s okay because you’re getting your wear out of them. I recommend Marks & Spencer, H&M, COS and Arket for basics/staples with fair prices.

3. When it comes to shopping, online or in store remember this – take your time! Impulse is very tempting, when I am in a shop I fall in love with everything but once I leave I forget most things that I had previously seen and in the moment, felt like I needed to have. The same with online, when I’m trawling the “new in section” there are so many pieces I save but once I put the Ipad down and get on with my day, only a fraction of the pieces I save actually remain in my thoughts. So my advice it to put a little time and space between when you see something you like and actually buying it.

4. In the time you’re contemplating your next purchase, it’s good to use this time to visualise the different ways you could style your desired piece with the existing items that are already in your wardrobe. As a rule of thumb, I like to imagine at least three different outfits, this way I know it will actually have a place in my wardrobe rather then it just being a one hit wonder.

5. Don’t be afraid to explore different sections of the store. Before unisex clothing was a thing, I took Coco’s advice and always ventured into the mens department because it’s surprising what you can find there and especially when you want an oversized fit. The mens department can be great for authentic classic styles, as I often find the woman’s classic styles can have these little details that can are a little distracting and take away from the simplicity of the design and almost ruin the garment. Shopping in the mens section isn’t for every woman I know but if you’re like me and admire the androgynous approach to style, then don’t be afraid to think a little outside the box. I’ve even shopped kids clothing before now, I really wanted a shrunken sweater and turned out a sweater for ten year olds was the solution.

6. Play with sizes. Don’t box yourself in with worrying about sizes. I have an array of sizes in my wardrobe because some things look better with a looser hang. I’m not just talking oversized t-shirts and sweaters. I have this blouse that is a uk size 22 my standerd size is uk 8 and I remember seeing it hanging there and I thought what a lovely blouse, it looks very loose but I liked it. And then I realised that the sizing was far from my own but I tried it anyway and loved how it looked. Had it have been fitted to my own size, the look of the blouse would have been completly different and I probably wouldn’t have even given it a second glance. Plus it kinda makes it a piece unique to you, which is always a bonus.

7. Don’t try before you buy! I know this sounds counterintuitive know but fitting rooms in stores are usually the worst! The mirrors suck, its usually too cramped, awful lighting and often too warm. I don’t understand why a lot of shops don’t focus on this area more because its actually working against them. So I know its frustrating in case you have to return the item but wait until you are home and you’re in a comfortable space to try it on. This said, there are some shops that have lovely, spacious, well lit fitting rooms and in this case it can be good to utilise this.

8. Last thing I want to emphasise on and that is to remember to have fun. Yes it’s good to be thoughtful before spending your money but sometimes its okay to just be spontaneous and shop in the moment. These times can be exciting and if we think long and hard about everything we buy we can end up talking ourselves out of it and then we end up with a wardrobe full of safe items. So, yes have fun.

I hope you like todays outfit and post. Sending love and light to you, Daniella xx

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