Candid Captures Of Childhood

Like a lot of people, I absolutely love this time of year and for many reasons but one reason is because of our kiddos. Though we get outside in the daytime too, there is something about that time just after dinner, early on the evening when we all congregate outside and the kids and usually us too ( though we tire quicker they do) spend a couple of hours playing outdoors. And even though in the colder months we still find ways to spend time all together, there something so natural and freeing during the warmer months. I am always exceedingly aware that childhood goes by so fast and not only do I, and my family as a whole want to be able to provide them with a childhood full of fun, imagination, lots of play and many wonderful memories, I also want to be present in the participation of all of that magic too. I think this is why I like candid photography of my daughter and my nephews because it’s such an honest representation of these joyful moments and if my memory ever fails me, I will always have these.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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