Spring In Colour

Last summer for my birthday I bought this beautiful Ceffinn printed dress (see original photos HERE) and this spring I was very excited to get it back out and style it once again. As you can see I styled it with my green cardigan because I loved the extra splash of vibrant colour against the pretty print of the dress. Though I could have probably gotten away with wearing some open shoes with this look, I instead opted for my deep brown boots. The combination of the deep brown and the splash of green was the perfect compliment to the printed dress and allowed the print to really pop. Spring calls for colour and pretty prints and this was my way of styling both. One of my favourite things about the spring may not come as a surprise, as its pretty generic, and that’s because its the spring flowers but in particularly I adore all the sweet wild flowers that grow. I just adore the little pops and the gentleness of the these spring stems. Wishing everyone a wonderful new week.

Send love and light,

Daniella x

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