One Of My Favourite Looks This Spring

I think this is one of my favourite spring looks so far. I know it’s a very simplistic combination and not one that even screams spring but I just really loved how comfortable I was when I was wearing this. I also really liked how this grey knit and these beige/brown jeans (both from Olive) fitted me. The jeans hung how I hoped they would and the knit hugged me in all the right places and usually when I have new pieces, I will often find something a little off, whether that be the length or the fit of the garment, so it was nice to simply be content with my buys. When I wore this, it was one of those spring day’s where the weather was warm but with a colder wind and so this look thankfully turned out cool and warm enough for the reliability of the unreliable british weather. You may have noticed the classic Chanel bag that I decided to bring out once again, a bag that will always be dear to me, a bag that I will one day pass down to my daughter. My mum bought this for my 21st birthday (over ten years ago) I know that probably makes me sound a little spoiled and maybe I was BUT it still remains such a fond memory and to this day I am eternally grateful that I was given such a special piece and I do my best to look after and preserve its quality.

I hope you like today’s outfit.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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