Wonderful Wisteria

Happy Monday lovelies, I hope your weekend was a lovely one. We had a lovely saturday, one of which that was filled with sunshine, family time and small to trip to a nearby beach for an evening walk by the ocean, photos will come soon. On sunday it was rain on and off all day, Nova-Rose was a handful and though we managed to escape for a couple of house to go and get some tea and cake (child free) we turned up at the cafe we were looking forward to going to and I guess they had a very successful sunday because there wasn’t a slice of cake in site! So we ended up in a not so nice coffee shop and hit every red light trying to get there but at least we had a slither of time to ourselves. Isn’t funny how one day can be so different to the next.

Tomorrow I will be sharing a new outfit post but for today’s post I wanted to bring a touch of spring to your view with this beautiful wisteria that I captured a few weeks ago when it was just beginning to bloom. Wisteria is a beautiful scented spring flower and this wisteria grows on a building over a hundred years old and though I don’t know when exactly the wisteria was planted, it is indeed a well established tree that blooms so beautifully every spring. I hope that if you’re a wisteria fan like me, then you will enjoy these captures also.

Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x

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