Going For Green

How are we at Friday already? This week has flown by and I am hoping we are going to get a lovely spring weekend but we’ll see. This was outfit was from a few weeks ago and would you believe that the whole day I was wearing this outfit, it was sunny and warm and I ended up not needing to even wear my coat but when it came to shooting these photos in the early evening, the sun disappeared, it got cold and it was very almost too dark to shoot! I wasn’t overwhelmed with the photos but at least it was enough to capture the outfit.

I’m really enjoying this green combination right now, both the cardigan and t-shirt are old but have only just found their way to being styled together. Green is certainly having a moment in 2022 and though I like to keep an eye on trends and integrate them into my existing style if they feel right for me and my taste but I have to say I am particularly happy to see this colour become more popular amongst retailers and is a colour that seems to be much more accessible this year! Because as much as I enjoy this colour, I only have a few pieces in this brighter shade of green, as I couldn’t seem to find much of this colour in styles that I liked in previous years. If you like today’s look, I have picked out some similar pieces that you can shop below.

Well, wishing you happy Friday and wonderful weekend,

Daniella x

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