Always Stripes In Spring

Happy Tuesday lovelies, I hope you had a lovely weekend! Here in the UK we had a bank holiday weekend, which was nice, though it was a quiet one this time and we didn’t get as much sun as the last bank holiday weekend but nevertheless having the extra day of family time is always a treat. Though I am a fan of stripes all year round, there is undoubtedly something very spring-like about them in where they feel extra fitting for this time of year. For my first outfit of 2022 that features stripes, I opted for a knitted striped piece that I invested in last spring and styled it with some cream trousers for a simple spring combination. I love this sweater because the stripes feel refreshing and make me think of sandy beaches and the sound of the ocean as this classic nautical print often does, but the knitted nature of it also feel warm and comforting whilst there is still a bit of a chill in the air.

Like I said this striped knit was from last spring but HERE & HERE are some similar styles in-case you were looking for something similar. Last year I wore this knitted sweater a lot and even throughout the summer because we have a lot of cooler summer days here in the uk and whether you pair it with tailored trousers like the ones i’m wearing or style it with something more casual like your favourite jeans, it is a great foundational piece that is versatile and integrates effortlessly into ones wardrobe. Wear with linen shorts like these HERE for a combination that is cool and casual for when it is a bit warmer or pair with a skirt like this one HERE for something a little more sleek. Like I said, it’s a super versatile style.

I hope you like my spring look of the day. Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x

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