Outdoors Fun In The Springtime Sun

There is something quite magical about being outdoors in the spring sun because even though there is still a bit of a chill in the air, it doesn’t matter becasue we are usually just so grateful for the sun to be shining, whilst not being restricted by our coats of the winter gone by. The spring undoubtedly carries energy of renewal, everything seems possible, it’s new and exciting during this interlude between winter and summer and we begin to romanticise the highly anticipated long summer days and all the things we are going to do with our time. The barbecues we’ll enjoy, the beaches we will plan to visit and the memories we will certainly hope to create. But thats one of the wonderful things about spring (amongst many other things) , we may not be living those experiences yet but we have this excitement of whats to come.

The spring, much like its autumn counterpart, is when nature is at its finest and one our favourite things to do with the kids, and though a simple activity but we like to be outside in the garden where they will run up and down the path, look at all the daisies and dandelions that are popping up everywhere and the boys (my nephews) will be riding on whatever wheeled transportation they are currently enjoying! And we, as the adults are just content to see them happy, wild and free, whilst also soaking up a little vitamin d for ourselves too! I think through having my nephews and now my daughter, I have come to learn that kids being outdoors in nature, roaming freely (without being told no every five seconds) exploring different outside textures, getting dirt under their fingernails, watching the birds fly over their heads and making wishes on dandelion seeds is what I have come to believe to be one of the most fundamental life lessons, a child should absolutely get to have.

A childhood should be filled with learning experiences such as these. The educational system doesn’t provide anywhere near enough focus on getting our kids outdoors and connecting them with nature, maybe a small amount when they’re little but in reality, barely scratching the surface with what our children should be experiencing and learning about the magic that is nature. It appears they think sitting down in a class all day is more beneficial for our kids! So it is up to us to provide this integral learning for them and how lucky we are because seeing kids exploring their own gardens and the magic that can be discovered within them has the potential to be a truly wonderful experience.

Its good to remember too, that we don’t have to bore our kids by talking their ears off with facts about nature because when children are left to run, play and discover in their own way, you’ll find they will likely ask questions themselves and thats what we want, isnt it? Kids that are inquisitive on their own merit, children who want to learn about something because they find it interesting not because they are sat there and forced to learn information that isn’t even fascinating and for a lot of the time not even necessary for them to learn. But these are just my thoughts, my take aways from being around children, whilst also taking from my own childhood experiences. These thought might change but for now this is what I feel.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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