A Nod To The Nineties

Hey lovelies, and i’m back with an outfit that we photographed at the beginning of Spring. I know I am still wearing a coat, boots and a knitted sweater but as long as I am not wearing a beanie, gloves and/or a scarf, then as far as I am concerned it’s spring-appropriate! We really have had some lovely sunny weather but that doesn’t always mean its warm but nevertheless, if there is one thing we brits love, it’s lots and lots of sunny days, God knows we have enough rainy ones. I feel as though today’s look is a little more 90s inspired, the oversize camel coat, the oval sunnies and the light wash denim all have a nostalgic feel. I was a kid of the nineties and so I didn’t get to do the adult trends, so i’m more than happy to revisit them now and that really is the greatest thing about today’s style climate, its that we have all the eras available to tap into any time we want and it doesn’t matter if its on trend or not because it’s an expression and an appreciation of style.

Well, I hope you like today’s outfit. Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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