Good Family Feels On Good Friday

Hello lovelies, its good Friday and I thought that this was a great day to share a post that is dear to my heart! This post is special to me because it captures the love and the joyful memories we made a few weeks back with our daughter Nova-Rose. Nova-Rose has learning difficulties, shes non verbal but not only does she lack verbal communication but she also struggles to engage in any form of communication. This can make outings of any kind challenging and we never know how a trip out is going to go. Sometimes it can go great and other times it can leave me emotionally and physically drained for days after, thats probably a tad dramatic but it can be very draining. When we took these photos it kinda started off badly, there were a lot of tears because we aren’t able to explain whats happening and what we are doing in a way she can understand or comprehend and we were about to abort mission and head home because the last thing we want is Nova in distress in an unfamiliar place. But somehow we managed to turn it around and we ended up and most importantly our little girl ended up having the most lovely afternoon.

We were running up and down on the old wooden tracks, jumping and dancing whilst almost being blown away by the insane windy weather we had that day but lucky for us Nova-Rose loves the wind. Whenever we see Nova-Rose running around wild and free with the look of joy on her face, it is one of the most gratifying feelings. When dealing with a child that faces the challenges like our daughter does, it would be so easy to give up on outings because it can be so disheartening when it goes wrong but its great days like these that remind me how important our perseverance as her parents is because its our ability to persevere that creates what feels like triumphant moments in our journey of parenthood.

I know there are a lot of images in todays post but I guess I’m compensating for the lack of posts recently! Also, I really and truly fell in love with these photos and cutting them down was tough and so I felt I would just share them all.

Sending you love and light this Good Friday and I hope you all have a wonderful easter weekend,

Daniella x

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