Daffodils Of Yellow and Knitwear Of Blue

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Happy Monday lovelies, I hope your weekend was a lovely one. I was stuck in bed with a horrid virus! But its that time of year where there is a lot going around, I always seem to get unwell in the beginning of spring. Anyway speaking of spring and spring truly is in bloom and so I just had to take some outfit photos in front of the beautiful daffodils before daffodil season is over because we all know they come and seem to go so quickly. When we took these photos, it was just a few days before the spring equinox but to me, this really felt like the first day of spring. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and all the daffodils and crocuses in all their purple glory were looking truly beautiful. After the long winter months, it was amazing to see all this vibrancy of colour.

With spring in the air I felt it was about time to transfer this renewed sense of energy into my outfit and I did this by bringing in some brighter hues, which in todays case was with a combination of sky blues. Sometimes it can be tricky to transition from winter to spring because though everything looks and feels brighter, it can still be carrying some chilly winds but this is why I find that when we are starting to transition our outfits at this time of year, integrating some brighter hues can be a great way to lift some of our more wintery pieces whilst giving a nod to the arrival and presence of spring. I hope you like todays outfit.

Wishing you a wonderful week and sending you love and light, Daniella x

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