Green Denim Days

Hey lovelies, here is the lat post for the week! I almost managed to share all the posts I had hoped to share with you, though there was one that I wasn’t able to complete for this weeks blogposts but I will transfer it onto next weeks schedule. I am trying to focus on the four posts I did complete this week rather then the one that I didn’t.
Don’t you think that we, as humans quite often have this nature where we so often focus on what we consider failures rather then successes?! that is something I am working on and next I will about talk on this topic at greater length. My last outfit post of the week features my green jeans, though annoyingly between the camera and the grey light of the day, it’s quite tricky to tell they’re green. I feel for spring that I am going to be adding more coloured denim to my wardrobe, not necessarily brightly coloured denim but in tones of beige and khaki and I don’t think i’ll be the only one, I think this will be an emerging mini trend for the season.

Wishing you love, light and peace whoever you are and wherever you are, Daniella x


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