One Way To Do Casual Transitional Style For 2022

& Other Stories Navy Coat – HERE H&M Cardigan – HERE & Other Stories Jeans – HERE Birkenstock Mules – HERE
Arket Tee – HERE Arket Bag – HERE

Hello lovelies, I’m finally back with a style post! It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted and this has been due to a couple of reasons. The first week of march we were on holiday in the forest of dean, which was a pretty cool experience. It was the first time we have ever attempted to take Nova-Rose away before, apart from the day trips here and there and to be honest I was really anxious about it! I think it can be a little overwhelming for first parents taking their three year old away on holiday for the first time but when we’re dealing with a non verbal child who appears to be having learning difficulties, who doesn’t even like being in shops and/or restaurants and wants to leave after an hour when we go to visit family, it definitely made me feel nervous about being away for five days.

But as it turned out, it all went really well! I was so proud of our daughter, she did so so well to adapt to her surroundings and it couldn’t have gone better. The only downfall was she became unwell on our second to last day and unfortunately we had to come home earlier then planned and that is another reason to why its been quiet here on Though Nova-Rose is feeling better now, all last week, she wasn’t well and needed a lot of my time and well, I thought i’ll work on some posts but at a slower pace because sometimes we have to go gentle on ourselves and not create unreasonable expectations for ourselves either.

But anyway, i’m back with a new outfit post, just a casual and simple outfit that is perfect for strolling around on saturday afternoon, running a few errands. We are getting closer to that time of year where we about to start transitioning our outfits, mixing our winter warmers with some lighter springlike pieces and this look is almost in the realms of just that. The navy coat has seen me through the entirety of winter and I couldn’t recommend it enough. I love how it looks styled in a paired-down manner, casually worn with jeans, a basic tee, a simple cardi and Birkenstock mules.

I hope my posts are going to be more regular, it really has been a busy few weeks but its nice to be back posting again.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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