Timeless Style and Fashion Trends

Hey lovelies, today Im back with another outfit that was taken on the beautiful moors of exmoor. We were driving over to see my grandparents and we have to drive past this beautiful vast amount of land when we do and I simply can’t resist getting out and snapping some shots.

The other morning I was thinking about style vs fashion and I have always championed style over fashion and though I stand by that, I also feel that fashion for me, is an integral part in this. I don’t follow catwalk collections as much as I used to and mainly because it takes up a lot of time going through them all and with a little one, I have had to prioritise my time differently over the last couple of years but I always have and continue to be inspired by catwalk collections. I love seeing the artistry of them and It’s exciting to see the colours, the materials, the shapes, hemlines and details that are to surface or in this day and age, resurface that create certain trends for the season. I enjoy seeing the Trends trickle down through to the smaller designer brands and the high street favourites, where we get to see their approach to the emerging trends.

I do not consider myself trend driven, I am big believer in investing in timeless classics that can be reimagined over the years and styled time and time again. That said, like any aspect of my life, I wouldn’t like to think of my style definable and as much as I enjoy the wardrobe staples that I always return to, I love the fun aspect of current styles. See just because a certain style is currently trending doesn’t mean you should stay away from it and trends don’t always have to go hand in hand with fast fashion. Items that we consider wardrobe staples now started off as a trend to one degree or another. I have pieces that I bought a few years ago that seemed more current and of the moment but a few years later and that piece is still serving a sartorial purpose. Of course there are some items that have turned out to be flops and felt tired very quickly but even so I had fun wearing them at the time and I tend to keep most things I buy because it all has a way of coming back around in one form or another.

I guess what I am saying is that not all trends are bad and you don’t have to choose between trends and classic style, the two can come together and harmonise. When you feel drawn to a particular trend and you find a piece that you want to purchase, then envision how that piece can integrate with your more timeless pieces because in my experience mixing my older items with a new addition is quite often what feels like the most authentic and unique way to express my personal style. Not all trends will stand the test of time and building a wardrobe with good sartorial foundations by investing in pieces that are going to see you through season after season and is possible in a good quality material, is where your money is best spent. But there will be times where you might be intrigued by an item that is a little fun, edgy, colourful, risky and more of the moment.

Fashion is supposed to be fun, so have fun with it and look for conscientious brands that are more thoughtful to the environment because you can buy into trends without buying into fast fashion, it just will take some extra care and thoughtfulness. Like a lot of trends and unlike wardrobe classics, its highly likely you will tire of a trend you try out and if you do remember that are lots of places you can re-sell your items. Or There is always donating to a charity shop or a refuge facility. I think we just have to take a little more care.

It seems crazy that I would choose todays outfit post to talk about this, its a pretty classic outfit but I think that it just shows that i’m not promoting fast fashion and that you can have chic and timeless style but you can also flirt with trends and have fun with fashion too.

Sending you love and light, may we all, in whatever way feels right to you visualise a big blanket of light, love and protection surrounding our world, may we imagine a world where our world leaders are free from ego, greed and anger.
Daniella x

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