Home Favourites: Cosy Slippers, Pretty Mugs and Dried Flowers

Hey lovelies, so recently I treated myself to some new cosy footwear, these fluffy slippers from Zara. I like to update my slippers every so often because they get so much wear that after a little while they loose their cosiness. There are so many slipper options out there but I liked these ones from Zara because of their warm brown colour and with my last slippers being grey, I felt as though these would be a nice change. Also, do you like my dragonfly mug? Its designed by Emma Bridgwater, I always look at her mugs and all her designs as they always have such wonderful and pretty prints but i’ve never owned one of her mugs up until now! See like my mum, I typically prefer a thiner mug and the Emma Bridgwater mugs are always relatively thick but that said, now that I have one, I am already looking forward to building a small collection of them. I have always enjoyed having new mugs for my tea, you should see our mug cupboard, its overflowing! I really adore the floral designs she has created for Spring, especially the daffodils and mini hyacinth mug, that is most certainly on my wish list and if you celebrate mothers day which is next month or you have some spring birthdays to shop for, then these mugs make beautiful gifts, I should know because that is how I came to acquire mine.

Who here likes dry flowers? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love fresh flowers too but I usually have some dry flowers on standby because they make great home decor pieces either for filling a space or for in between your last bouquet of flowers dying and buying some new ones. Dried flowers are much more readily available now or thats how it seems and they can be a little costly but they really do last and if you don’t want to spend on them then you could always have some fun getting creative and learning how to do your own, it’s definitely something I would like to try and do someday.

Well, sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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