Sharing Family Time, Talking Me Time

Happy Tuesday lovelies! My goodness its been a busy month, I feel as though i’m getting very little time to decompress from the businesses of the recent weeks, its not necessarily a bad busy but still, its felt like a lot. I don’t know about anyone on here reading this but I am someone who benefits from a good dose of alone time, I love being around my family but emotionally and mentally I really benefit from getting some quiet time for just me, myself and I! I feel that when I get some time to myself, I’m less likely to be in a place of distraction and I’m instead more present with my aligned thoughts, my creative thoughts and overall, I just feel more grounded. Its not always easy to get that time being a full time mum but thankfully I do have my mum right with me and she does her absolute best to help get me a little time, the only thing is, it’s so tempting to get distracted with things that maybe ”I should be doing” instead of actually using the time that will be proactive for my wellbeing but thats on me and only me. Creating me time is a working progress and because i’m someone who needs a fair amount of it, it can often feel like I don’t have enough but like I said, I’m working on it.

I feel like when we do get alone time as parents, its good to use that time doing something that either our body needs, our soul needs or our mind needs. For me, when my body needs some release it may be that I put on some music ( music that doesn’t include disney songs or baby shark) and dance if I feel thats where its taking me or maybe i’ll put Nova-Rose in the buggy and go for a walk. She is old enough to go for a walk without being in the pram but that can sometimes be more draining on my body rather then relaxing because she often wants to be picked up or she’ll have a meltdown because she thought we were heading in another direction and because she is still non verbal and general conversation isn’t there it can become a whole thing! So I feel its okay to sometimes put her in the buggy, which she is still happy enough to do and just go for a walk, where I can aimlessly wonder ( well, as much as one can with a toddler and a buggy) which actually in turn allows my mind to wonder too and uplifts my soul and so I believe when you do something for either your mind, body or your soul, I find its all connected and whichever part you choose to focus on, ends up having a positive ripple effect.

Like, if I were to choose to take part in an activity that brings calm to my mind and for me that can be something as simple as sitting on the sofa with a cup of hot tea and loosing myself in a series i’m watching or looking online at some things that inspire me and I know that might seem like i’m distracting myself but it’s something I like doing and I find it calming and quiet and I need that sometimes. So because I find that this calms my mind in turn my body starts to feel less tense and our souls always appreciate a less tense mind and body. So it really is all relative to one another and an activity I find that brings my soul some healing, is to lay down and place crystals all over my body, crystals that are usually in alignment with my chakras, put on some meditation music and try and focus on my breathing. This usually ends up with me falling asleep but if thats what my body is in need of then I allow it to happen. But I will admit that I’m not as good at Making time for this and it was a much easier exercise before Nova-Rose was born but I would like to prioritise and create more time to bring myself back to this mindful soul practise once again.

Todays post comes from a Sunday walk back in January, where I was enjoying wearing my new Barbour wax jacket! I’ve wanted one for years, as it an undoubtedly one the best British classics that one can own. I eventually hope to get a jacket liner to go underneath for the colder months but thankfully the day These photos were taken, it was surprisingly mild. Going for walks is one of my favourite things to do, i find it to be the perfect gentle exercise and breathing in that fresh air to clear away any of the mental cobwebs that have been building is sometimes the simplest healing that we need and I hope that by taking our daughter on these walks as much as we can is also bringing some healing and calm to her little soul too.

Sending you love and light wherever you are,

Daniella x

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