Corners Of Our Home: Winter/Early Spring Details

Hey lovelies, today I thought I would share some home details from the last couple months. Back at the start of January, I was looking for ways to still make our home feel a warm and cosy in an attempt to stop it from feeling too bare which can easily occur after the excessiveness of Christmas. I usually like to do this by keeping some of the pine cones out on display and a little green foliage from some evergreen trees. I also like to keep lots of candlelight around as a simple yet effective focal point and because we aren’t fortunate enough to have a fireplace, seeing the flame from the candle is instantly gratifying and warming to the soul, even if its not physically warming like a fireplace. Throughout January and February I have been smelling the sweet scent of salted caramel and also Cassis, a timeless scent via The White Company. I was lucky enough to receive both of these incredible scents for Christmas and they have both served our home well. I am always reorganising little corners of our home, usually to fit the mood of the season and as you can see, the bouquet of white roses, eucalyptus and daffodils were my latest addition to our side table. The daffs are a nod to the new season ahead, whist the roses and eucalyptus serve as a simplistic and refreshing base. I hope you have enjoyed some of todays home details.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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