Valentines Day Inspired

1. Rosie For Marks & Spencer Bra – HERE 2 Rosie For Marks & Spencer Thong – HERE 3. Selfridges Chocolate Selection – HERE
4. Lancome Lipstick – HERE
1. Jo Malone Cologne – HERE 2. Heart Vinyl Window Stickers – HERE 3. Sweets In The city – HERE
4. Melissa Joy Manning Ring – HERE
The White Company Mens Gift Set – HERE Glenfiddich Whiskey – HERE Mens Marks & Spencer Knitted Sweater – HERE
Dior Sauvage Parfum – HERE The White Company Photo Frame – HERE
1. Jo Malone Velvet Rose Candle – HERE 2. Dinny Hall Necklace – HERE 3. The White Company Spa Collection – HERE
4. Bed Socks – HERE
1. Sweet Jar (sold out) Similar HERE 2. Heart Mug – HERE 3. Laduree Macarons – HERE 4. Silk Sleep Mask – HERE
5. Rose Petal Candle – HERE 6. The White Company Trinket Plate – HERE

Valentines day is right around the corner and so I thought I would put together a post inspired by the day of love. We don’t need a day to remind us or give us permission to treat ourselves or the ones we love but I also enjoy the festivity of these days and a day dedicated to celebrating love, whether that is the love you have for your partner, friend, sibling, mum, dad , your child or even just for yourself, it’s all worthy of taking the time to celebrate. We don’t have to buy things in order to express our love and gratitude, getting creative with what you already have or simply spending quality time with yourself or the one you hold dear can be enough but if you do want to treat yourself or those around you, then here are some pieces that caught my eye.

I hope you find something you like in my selection.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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