Winter Foraging

Back in January my mum and I went foraging because I wanted to make a winter wreath for our home, I will try and get some photos of my winter wreath soon because before we know it spring will be here! I think when out foraging in nature it can feel a little like you are taking from nature but I believe its more like appreciating your surroundings and I think it can definitely be done whilst still being thoughtful to our environment. For instance I knew I wanted my wreath to mostly be made up of sticks and twigs and so I looked around for sticks and twigs that were loose on the ground and took them from areas that were plentiful.

I do feel a general rule for foraging is to take mostly from the ground where branches and other bits and pieces have fallen and are no longer growing. If you are wanting to cut or collect from trees or bushes that are living, then be really slight with what you take and don’t do too often and try to remember to give your gratitude to the living thing you are taking from. I love nature and am so grateful for the healing it provides us with and I don’t know, I guess it feels kinda special to bring a little of that outside magic into our home.

Sending you love and light,


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