In Her Own Little World

Tomorrow our beautiful daughter will turn three and so i’m sharing a few photos of Nova-Rose that I took recently. I took them mostly because I thought her little outfit looked cute and they were shot rather quickly with little to no light left but I love how they actually show you some insight into Nova. You may just be able to see how immersed in to her own world she is and anyone who knows her will tell you, that is Nova-Rose, a little girl who for a lot of the time, just lives in her own world and we are just there for when she needs us, lol. I am a little emotional over the idea of her turning three, time goes by incredibly fast and though my arms will always be big enough to surround her with my love no matter how big she grows, I can’t help but to savour every moment whilst she still fits into my arms so perfectly. I also wonder if because we are uncertain to whether or not we will choose to try to have another child, (at the moment its leaning to unlikely) it brings even more of an awareness of how fast time is going by and to make sure we cherish it all in case she is our first and last child. I know I’ve gotta stay in a place of presence and not dwell on it all too much and focus on the fact I am so lucky to have a beautiful little girl, who I believe to be happy and healthy for the most part and who is about to turn three! So i’ll say goodbye to the terrible twos, it was an experience I shall never forget!

Sending love and light,

Daniella x

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