The Long Coat

I had really hoped to up my coat game this winter but I have struggled to find any if i’m being honest. There just doesn’t seem to be many out there that are appealing to me. Either I find a style that I love but is just that bit too much, price wise. Or when I do find one I love at the price point I am comfortable with, its out of stock and continues to stay out of stock! We tend to have long cold winters here in the UK, not always absolutely freezing but definitely consistently cold and usually this will continue into the spring. For some people one coat that is functional for the winter can keep them going for years and thats completely fair enough and justified but for me, I love having a range of coats to choose from because otherwise I get bored!

Some years, I won’t invest in any outwear and then other years I might give my wardrobe a few new jacket and/or coats just for a sartorial refresh that is more suited for my current taste, though I always try and keep them classic because longevity is a continual theme in my wardrobe. There has been one exception to my lack of coat findings and that’s this navy coat from & Other Stories that you may have seen featured a few times here on Here and Here are two more ways I’ve styled the coat. A longline navy wrap coat may not seem very ground braking or exciting and i’d have to agree but it has undoubtedly been a great investment and i’m yet to find an outfit it doesn’t work with. It has been in heavy rotation this past autumn and now winter season and I would adore this style in a lighter colour too, a beige or camel, which & Other Stories do sell but unsurprisingly it always seems to be out of stock in my size. But I will nevertheless be keeping my eyes peeled and I refuse to give on my coat search. Do you like expanding on your coat selection too? Or do you like keep to a trusty favourite? I hope you have enjoyed todays outfit post.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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