Family Photo Diary From Our Tarr Steps Trip

Happy Monday lovelies, today I wanted to share some family photos with you that were taken back on a walk at Tarr Steps back in the autumn. It would have been nice to get them edited and shared back in the Fall but I was so heavily playing catch up after having Covid in October and then before I knew it, it was Christmas, the time simply wasn’t there and whenever it’s family photos that I am editing, there is usually a lot of more of them to go through, as I take many more photos compared to when we’re shooting my looks. Anyway, Tarr steps is a place that we finally visited for the first time last summer (see here) and after our time there, I knew it was a location that I would want to see in every season because it feels like such an enchanting place and with autumn being my favourite season, we absolutely had to make it happen and my goodness I am so glad we were able to.

It is such a beautiful raw and natural place to be! In the midst of the flowing water and the abundance of trees that tower over you and then of course the historic steps that cross the river, that we must have crossed about twenty times, back and forth because Nova-Rose absolutely loved that part! We did go with my mum, sister and our awesome nephews but sadly I didn’t get much photographic evidence of them being there due to Nova-Rose getting overwhelmed by her emotions because she so desperately wanted to be in the water but of course it was just too cold. I think she was remembering her time there back in the summer and because her nonverbal state as well as the regression (read here) we aren’t able to explain it to her in a way that she comprehends, which ultimately results in her having meltdown and so we had to kinda seperate from my mum, sister and nephews and go a slightly separate trail but at least we were all able to experience Tarr Steps in the stunning autumn and thankfully we did get a few moments that we were able to share together.

Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x

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