Countryside Winter Walks

Here I am finally sharing my first proper outfit post of 2022, well except for my nye post! Anyhow, we shot these photos just before Christmas, when we decided to take a winters walk and luckily for us, we are surrounded by accessible fields and pretty areas to do just that, though we did have to make a stop by the park on the way, so a little some could have a go on the swings! I absoloutly love afternoons like these, the weather was perfect with a winters mist surrounding us, creating a moody ambience whilst walking through the long grass and stomping on the stodgy ground. There were still areas of crunchy autumn leaves that seemed as though they had been frozen in time and they were sightings of chopped logs that made me think of warm open fires. We found a small flowing stream for Nova-Rose to enjoy, where we would play an endless game of poohsticks.

Then, once we returned from our walk we got ourselves cosy under a warm woollen blanket on the sofa, where sipped at a steaming cup of tea, nova-rose had some banana milk and we enjoyed the calm and cosy atmosphere after an adventurous afternoon. Though anyone who’s ever been around a toddler will know that this calmness lasts approximately ten minutes and then they recharge and its back to the madness that is toddler life. Afternoons like these when with a two year old don’t always go well and especially in our case, its more likely to be a screaming nightmare despite our good an hopeful intentions but that’s to be expected with a two year old and this is especially true with a non verbal one. But i’m thankful that this was one of those trips that turned out beautifully and now i’ll always look at these photos with fondness.

Wishing you a lovely Friday and a weekend full of joy.

Sending love and light to you,

Daniella x

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