Looking Back At Last Year’s Local Travel Photos

Wimbleball Lake

Minehead Beach

Back Fields

Vivary Park ( spring)

Vivary Park (summer)

Sherborne Castle


Our Village Stream

Dunster Castle

Tarr Steps

Porlock Weir

Hestercombe Gardens

Quantocks Great Wood

Our Village Stream

Sheppy’s Cider farm

Wellington Monument

Langford Lakes

Happy Wednesday lovelies! Well, I haven’t posted since New Years and so needless to say that it has been quite a slow start to the year. For the first few days of January I just wanted a little break from editing and posting, I wanted to focus on enjoying the last few days of the holiday break without any extra pressure. We sorted our home out and took down the decorations (always a sad day, we all get very attached to our tree) but it was nice to have more space once the tree was out and because the dogs tail would constantly brush up against it and the pine needles were beginning to become a bit of pain. Anyway it was a good thing we got the decorations down when we did because after that we said goodbye to our family dog of thirteen years and then a couple of days later I caught some kind of super cold/virus and am still a little unwell with it now, it went straight onto my chest and now I have a constant cough! I think ever since I came down with Covid back in October, I haven’t quite been the same since. Sometimes, it even feels like it flares up and i’m sick with it all over again.

Anyway, I am trying not to get too down by it, though my days feel repetitive at the moment and I am fed up with feeling unwell, I am sticking with my supplements and natural remedies and trying to be friend to my body. Though I have plenty of content to share with you (a lot from the end of last year) I haven’t been able to make the time to edit the photos and so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share a few of my favourite photos from our day trips in 2021! I think something that is helping me through the days right now is the thought of getting out into nature again once I’m feeling healthier and looking back over our travels from last year brings me back to that feeling of freedom and that is a very comforting thought.

Getting out and traveling doesn’t always have to mean going far and wide or for days at a time, yes that would be nice too but for us we are lucky that there are plenty of pretty spots near by and having a non verbal toddler who’s dealing with and coming through regression, going too far from home seems a little risky right now but hopefully that can and will come later on. So for now we stick to local destinations, some that are old favourites and of course we like to try and find new or unexplored places too! Whether its walking through the back fields of our village thats a five minute walk away or heading to a castle that’s a couple of hours in the car, I try and remember it isn’t always about the destination but the experience and memories we make and that’s ultimately what counts. I had hoped to do a couple more trips back in the autumn but due to becoming unwell with Covid that obviously went out the window, I mean we pretty much skipped autumn thanks to vid! Nevertheless we still had some wonderful outings and I am hoping we will continue to make memories in 2022.

Sending you love and light and I will be back with a New outfit post in the next couple of days.

Daniella x

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