Our Christmas Time Photo Diary

Hey lovelies, Merry Christmas Eve! Can you believe it is here? I hardly can but I’m excited that it is. Are you ready? Are all your presents wrapped, cards written out and food prepped? Maybe you have been ready since November or maybe you’re a last minute hero. I’m usually somewhere in-between, i still have some cards to write out and I need to put together Nova-Rose’s Christmas eve box but that’s all. I love Christmas eve and in recent years I have come to look forward to it just as much as Christmas Day. For us it’s a calmer day, still full of yummy food, the kids are excited in anticipation for the big day, we try and play some bored games and its just a calmer atmosphere but nevertheless a festive one. Todays post is somewhat of a December photo diary and because I had so many photos that I wanted to share with you and not enough time to give them their own post, I thought I would just combine them all together and make one big Christmas post.

I hope you enjoy these festive captures. I hope you also have a lovely Christmas eve and a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of love and laughter. I will be back like I am every Christmas with some photos of my festive outfits.

Sending you love, light and warm wishes,

Daniella x

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