Festive Sweaters & Green Jeans

Happy Wednesday lovelies, I hope your week is going well. I am almost overwhelmed by how quickly December is going, I just kinda want to drop all the “to do” lists and just enjoy this festive month. I need to create a little more time so I can simply enjoy my surroundings, watch some christmas movies, indulge in some sweet treats and take pleasure in watching our little girl experience her third christmas. It seems a bit mad now but I am sure I will strike a balance soon. Anyway here are some festive photos that we took recently and I feel so happy and grateful that Nova-Rose actually allows me to take some photos with her this time around. I remember last christmas, she would mostly just cry if I tried to take a photo with her, so the majority of the photos with her were very candid but that turned out not to be so bad after all. Now, I almost always take only candid photos of Nova-Rose, as I love the reality of them.

The cardigan I am wearing in todays look is from Olive and I had the green version for the autumn/winter last year and I wore it endlessly and so I treated myself to the beige version this autumn. The printed knit is an old one but it never fails to make an appearance in one or more of my outfit posts during the Christmas season. Another purchase I made this autumn was on these pair of forest green jeans. I had been looking for some green jeans and I managed to get these in the black friday sales from Mango and though not at a discounted price, they are still available in almost all sizes Here.

Wishing you a wonderful thursday.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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