Our Christmas Home Tour 2021

Happy Tuesday lovelies, I hope everyones week has gotten off to a great start! Before Christmas day gets here because my goodness isn’t it coming up fast, I wanted to show you some photos I have snapped of our home. Investing in Christmas decorations and Building a long lasting collection takes time or for us that seems to be the case. Each year i’ll buy a few new pieces to add to the Christmas decor in our home and I’ve learnt its a little like when building the clothes that fills up ones wardrobe, start with good foundations! Like investing in good garlands and pieces that are more traditional and timeless before adding in the decorations that are more “of the moment”. I am only just beginning to realise this but i’m getting there.

I don’t really have a theme for our Christmas decor or at least not intentionally but there are few things that I always return to each year. I usually lean into a lot of greens, whites and brining a little of the outdoors in. I add a a fair amount of greenery, pinecones and candles in and around the home for a contemporary yet classic christmas look. It never really gets tiresome and always has a warming feel, especially the lit candles next to the pine cones. This year I also wanted to add a few decorations to Nova-Rose’s room and though i am still in the midst of furnishing her room, I chose one area to decorate (on top of her chest of drawers) and stuck with that. Plus I didn’t want to overload her with decorations as she has a hard time adjusting to changes in the home. Thankfully I had a small tree I could use from last Christmas and then I just bought a few baubles and a couple of special decorations, like the velvet mushrooms and hummingbirds for the tree. I also found some small glass vases in pink too and just added a touch of greenery to them. I also added some ribbon trim to her chest of drawers, something I may even keep there. I use a lot of ribbon for finishing touches around the home, I find it relatively inexpensive and a little can go a long way.

Well, I really hope you have enjoyed todays post.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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