Family Traditions & Picking Our 2021 Christmas Tree

Happy Thursday lovelies! My goodness it has taken me what feels like a lifetime to get these photos posted but finally these captures from our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm is finally live here on and I am so happy with them (even if there is a lot of them, sorry about that!) Even though I am grateful for every year we have had to enjoy going to pick out our tree for the year, admittedly last year was a bit of struggle, my mum didn’t have a car and so my partner had to do six trips in total in order to make it work, bless his heart. Nova-Rose was also having a hard time with her regression and being out and about in different places was tough emotionally for her and spent most of the time crying! This year, though still a tad anxious after last years slightly distarious trip, I was certainly excited to pick our beautiful Christmas tree. Thankfully, this time Nova-Rose was much better and though there were still some shakey moments, which I suppose is just part of the parcel when you go anywhere with a toddler, overall she did so so well. I am so happy with the tree we were able to select this year and I look forward to sharing it with you. After we visited the farm we made a stop at near by woods where my sisters oldest boy showed us this rope swing. My partner, his uncle had taken him there earlier in the year and despite not really being an outdoors kid and usually being quite fearful of anything that is seemingly unsafe, his bravery and willingness to try this was really admirable. I am so grateful for my partner’s/his uncles patience and support because he helped Roman to overcome that fear and he quite literally took a leap of faith and now he loves going on the rope swing. We all had some fun going on the rope swing and though I almost chickened out with a little egging on from my sister and boyfriend, I couldn’t help but get competitive with myself. Even Nova-Rose wanted to have a go. Well I hope you have enjoyed these photos that document a time and an event that is very special to me and my family.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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