Grateful For The Little Things

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Happy Friday lovelies, I hope your week so far has treated you well. It’s pretty universal that the autumn and winter months are about retreating a little more, staying in, cosy socks, warm knitwear and a hot mug of something! And as much I still love to get outdoors during the colder months and especially so during the beautiful weeks of autumn, I also love the simplicity of staying in, getting warm under a blanket having hugs with a hot water bottle or if he’s lucky, my partner. I mean since we’ve had Nova-Rose, those calm, cosy and peaceful moments are few and far between but the thought of it alone brings me a sense of gentleness that is calming on my soul.

Its been on my mind a lot recently to say thank you and to be grateful for the small and simple things in life. When I am showering each day, that is usually my quiet time to say a prayer and to thank God for all the things I feel gratitude for. I’m not religious just to clarify and I don’t have anything against religion, each to their own. But I do resinate with certain aspects of it and I do believe in a higher power, hence the praying. Anyway i’m getting a little off topic, what I was trying to say is that recently I have felt drawn to expressing my gratitude for the small and simple things in life, such as the comforting feeling of a hot cup of tea in my hand, a hot shower in the morning, a home I feel safe in and being able to curl up on our sofa and watch my favourite tv series. I have felt gratitude for seeing people just walk down the street, seeing people go in and out of shops and just those general day to day scenarios that make me feel comforted because normality is undeniably comforting.

I think this has been to the forefront of my mind because the last couple of years there has been so much uncertainty. There has been distance and divides created and normality occasionally feels like a distant memory of what once was. It has served as a great reminder that the little everyday things should not be taken for granted, if these small everyday things were no longer there, we would undoubtedly miss them terribly. So keep some space of gratitude in your heart for not just big and wonderful blessings in your life but also the simple, almost unnoticeable everyday blessings.

Sending you love and light. May your weekend be full of happy moments, Daniella x

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